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57th Shogakukan Manga Awards
By Naveen

Hey guys. If you were wondering what new manga you might want to check out, the 57th Shogakukan Manga Award Winners were just decided: http://www.shogakukan.co.jp/mangasho/

The winners are all drawn from Shogakukan-published manga journals, over four categories:

For General Audiences’ Award: Sakamichi no Apollon, by Kodama Yuki; Published in flowers

The story takes place in Kyushuu in the 60′s about youth who become friends through their interest in jazz. noitaminA is picking this series up for an anime version in Spring 2012 too, so you can look out for that.

For Girls’ Award: Pin to Kona, by Shimaki Ako; Published in Cheese!

This one is a love story set against a Kabuki backdrop. One character is a member of a respected Kabuki family, and the other has made it through his own skill, and both are in love with the same girl.

For Boys’ Award: Nobunaga Kyousoukyoku (Nobunaga Concerto) by Ishii Ayumi; Published in Gessan

A history manga starring a high school student who time slips into the Warring States period and switches place with Oda Nobunaga, and struggles through the politics and battles of the era.

For Children’s Award: Inazuma Eleven by Yabuno Tenya; Published in CoroCoro Comic

This manga is a popular soccer series that has already spawned many video games and anime seasons.

Check it out!


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