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Japan’s Perfect Fruits by BBC World Radio & TV Asia
By Andrew

These guys could run you about 11,550 yen, or $139.67 EACH.


Found this a couple weeks ago. I dunno the correct term to describe this, I guess “Huh?” would be the closest thing to my first impression on this subject.

Paying upward to around $200 USD for a small package of fruits? I dunno about any of you, but so long as the fruit is not spoiled/rotten/destroyed in some form I don’t mind at all. I can’t imagine myself spending two weeks worth of paychecks on a carton of strawberries where I’d finish all of them in 1 minute.

Yet in some way I can see where the shop owners and farmers are coming from: they spend all this time and energy to make the perfect fruit, so obviously they’re not going to do it for cheap.

What do you guys think? Can anyone over in Japan vouch for these fruits? Have any of you bought these? How were they? Lastly, are any of you willing to spend $100, $200, $300 + USD for a pair of fruits? We want to hear from you! Till next time.

10 Rules of Sushi Etiquette
By Andrew

Found this page on AskMen.com regarding sushi. As a self-proclaimed general sushi/fish lover, I was curious as to what the people from the homeland of sushi viewed this delicacy.

Like most of – if not all – of you here, going to a restaurant that serves sushi is always a wonderful experience. While not exactly the most filling foods, sushi to me is an art in on itself. From what I’ve gathered, actually making sushi takes time, training, patience, diligence, and a certain amount of grace to be able to handle the pieces of fish (and other types of foods) that are included in this art form.

Being from the US, a lot of the traditional rules are watered down and/or not stated explicitly. Despite this I’ve experience quite a few of these rules myself whenever I’m with friends, acquaintances with experience in Japanese food, or with my Aikido group in the past. Can someone confirm these rules of etiquette? Also if any of you know more rules that this list missed, please add some more, we’d love to hear from you!

I’ve personally done #8 and #4 because theses rules are the same in Chinese cuisine. And if any of you were born in an Asian household (Chinese, Korean, Filipino, etc. ) #2 should sound familiar as well!

Without further ado, here’s Top 10 rules of Sushi Etiquette, Enjoy!

Food in Japan – Part 2
By Shinji

Time for some food pics!!

イナゴ (they are glasshoppers!!) Well, we never really eat them. Don’t get us wrong. But they taste pretty much like shrimps!

ハンバーグ定食 (Burger set) We eat burgers with rice.

牛丼 (Beef bowl)  The king of fast food in Japan. We put raw egg in it. Cheap, fast, and bomb.

オムライス (ome-rice) omelet rice with demiglace sauce.

Korean BBQ at Tonchan (とんちゃん). It was so good….

Well, you notice that we eat sooo much rice. Probably most of people eat rice at least once a day.

That’s probably one of the reasons why people live long here.


40 Tokyo Foods We Can’t Live Without, by CNN Global Experience
By Andrew

Stumbled upon this just today and thought it’d be cool just to share.

Gindara saikyo-yaki

Gindara Saikyo-yaki is considered number 1 on this list.

On a personal note, I have yet to visit Japan, so this is a very good list for those of us who have yet to visit the land of the rising sun. Horsemeat, real ramen, and te-uchi soba have jumped out as potential firsts! Here’s the link – enjoy!


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