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Japan’s Perfect Fruits by BBC World Radio & TV Asia


http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-radio-and-tv-17352173 Found this a couple weeks ago. I dunno the correct term to describe this, I guess “Huh?” would be the closest thing to my first impression on this subject. Paying upward to around $200 USD for a small package of fruits? I dunno about any of you, but so long as the fruit is {Read More}

10 Rules of Sushi Etiquette


Found this page on AskMen.com regarding sushi. As a self-proclaimed general sushi/fish lover, I was curious as to what the people from the homeland of sushi viewed this delicacy. Like most of – if not all – of you here, going to a restaurant that serves sushi is always a wonderful experience. While not exactly the {Read More}

Food in Japan – Part 2

Korean BBQ at Tonchan (とんちゃん). It was so good....

Time for some food pics!! Well, you notice that we eat sooo much rice. Probably most of people eat rice at least once a day. That’s probably one of the reasons why people live long here. -Shinji