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Youtube Personality Spotlight – Busan Kevin
By Andrew

Busan Kevin – real name Kevin O’Shea is originally from Canada and has taught English in both Korea and Japan. Still residing in Japan, he has a huge following on Youtube, detailing his life as a teacher since 2006.

I’m subscribed to him on Youtube and although I’m not a *regular* viewer of him, I have seen his videos and I’ve found that his honest, down-to-earth, cheerful yet straight-talk has convinced me (or rather has become one of the reasons) I’m looking into working abroad again.

Since he has been abroad for so long, his videos are a mix of public journals, advice, cultural information, as well as opinion pieces (sometimes a mix of all of the above). Here are some of his videos that I’ve liked and seen in the past.

Teaching in Japan – Starting Fresh

All Foreigners Leave Japan (?)

Yakuza and Seafood

Teaching in Korea: Your Apartment (He’s talking about his experience teaching in Korea here).

As I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t watched all of his stuff extensively, but I’ve come to find him a very good source of information. If any of you interested in moving abroad to the land of the rising sun (such as myself) for work, new life, travel, etc. I highly recommend this guy.

Here is his info: blogspot, Twitter, and Youtube. Enjoy!

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