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Whitewashing Japanese films
By Andrew

It is well known that Hollywood’s main unofficial mission to have people of white (caucasian) skin color and ethnic background play the roles that were originally of different people(s) when it comes to topics that are not related to American history or European history as a whole.

Examples such as The Last Samurai back in 2003 with Tom Cruise, the gambling movie 21 (2008), and Speed Racer (2008) are only some of the few recent examples of how original stories that starred people of Asian or Americans born of Asian descent. Though most people would not care regardless, this subtle “race-bending” not only distorts the authenticity of the original story, but it also takes away what truly the original worth watching – the original “essence” is taken out. Imagine a movie about the 442nd Infantry Regiment with all Caucasians! That’d be shameless and classless to say the least.

Which brings me to my point; I ran across an article detailed how the live-action Akira movie is going. CNN did an article on how the movie is whitewashing the characters. Here’s the original link, I will let you read it yourselves.

So what do you think? Is Hollywood purposefully “white-washing” stories that originally Japanese (or Asian in general). Is this type of rebranding benign or is Hollywood just playing a marketing game? (rebranding a product to fit the tastes of the local populace).

If you dare white-wash, this man will hunt you down!

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