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iPhone 4S Siri Japanese vs Shabette Concier
By Vijay

I found this cool video while doing some research on the next iPhone – am considering getting a 4S or a Droid at the moment.   Also have been sort of looking forward to iPhone 5 – however not sure when it will be released.   If anything though, I am in the market for a new phone as my contract is up.   One of the things I like about the new iPhone 4S is Siri – and as of late, I’ve heard that now Siri can be talked to in Japanese.

(↑ Watch the video now)

Questions Asked:

Question Siri Response Shabette Response
Konnichiwa – Hello “Konnichiwa (Hello) it’s 11:56AM.” “Konnichiwa!”
Is it cold outside? It’s not too cold, 8°C (42°F) (Just shows weather)
My stomach hurts.. (Siri doesn’t get what was asked) (Shabette just delivers some web results)
Can you tell me my schedule tomorrow? (Siri shows a blank schedule) (Shabette shows him he will be surfing at 6AM tomorrow)
Can you give me a map of Chigasaki (city)? (Siri says that the ‘maps’ feature is available for English users only) (Shabette gives a map of Chigasaki)
Show me a video of ‘Kyari Pamyu Pamyu’ (Siri asks if he wants to a see a websearch for ‘Okyariba’ video ) (Shabette shows him the correct videos)
Raw Wheat, Raw Rice, Raw Eggs (Tongue Twister) (Siri asks him if he has better things to do with his time..) (Shabette asks if he wants to see web results)
I want to make some Curry Rice! (Siri doesn’t understand what I want to make some Curry Rice means) (Shabette shows him a recipe of how to make it – girl in the back seems impressed)
Thank you! “Thank you for your kind words..” “Aww, shucks” (embarrased)
Night! Please wake me up tomorrow What time would you like to set the alarm for? Setting the alarm for tomorrow, 3-11-2012, at 10AM

Naturally, I wanted to see how Siri sounded in Japanese, so I did a search and came across this video on Youtube.   The tester, probably a native speaker – pits Siri against a Japanese competitor version of Siri made by the Docomo group called ‘Shabette Concier しゃべってコンシェル‘.

In the video, the native speaker asks both Siri and Shabette Concier a series (no pun intended) of questions to determine which software performs better in terms of response.  Unfortunately for Apple, it seems like Siri probably needs to spend a little more time getting to know Japan – for now she comes across more like a ‘gaijin’ (foreigner) who seems unfamiliar with pop culture things like curry rice and Kyari Pamyu Pamyu.

I guess you could say though, part of Siri’s charm is having that sassy ‘attitude’.   As one of the comments on that video suggested, perhaps Siri is a tsundere‘.  Even though Shabette comes across ‘cuter sounding’ – sometimes you just appreciate the woman who takes control ;).

Saying I love you to Siri – unfortunately she doesn’t really get the concept nor does she want the attention lol

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