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“Arigato from Japan”
By OnikazeKenta

On March 2nd, I went to the “Arigato from Japan” appreciation concert in Los Angeles, presented by the Consulate-General of Japan in Los Angeles and the Japan Foundation, where we watched performances by the Tohoku Folk Performance group and the world famous Ondekoza taiko group and other musicians.

I’ve always wanted to see Ondekoza perform, ever since going to Kodo’s “One Earth Tour” concert.  The original Kodo members were all part of Ondekoza at first, until they split from Ondekoza to make their own group.  Kodo remained in Sado Island, while the founder of Ondekoza moved to Shizuouka prefecture to continue Ondekoza.  So seeing the roots of Kodo was very exciting, especially watching the performers playing on their Oodaiko (large taiko) on their well known yagura (the platform that the oodaiko is played on).

Below, you can see both Ondekoza’s and Kodo’s Oodaiko on their Yaguras.  They may look the same, but the Chouchin (Lanterns) have the name of each group written on them.

Ondekoza’s Oodaiko on their Yagura

Kodo’s Oodaiko on their Yagura


In addition to the awesome taiko drumming, there was a nice clip that was shown at the beginning of the concert.  The clip summarized the devastating events that occurred on March 11th, 2011 and then showed the progress Japan has made since the disaster.  It’s a nice heartwarming clip, especially for those who have contributed to any of the relief fundraisers for Japan.  I’ll post a link to the clip below and hope you all enjoy it.

I love taiko drumming and there will be a performance by Kishin Daiko coming up at the end of March at the East San Gabriel Valley Japanese Community Center’s annual Chery Blossom festival, so expect more posts about taiko from me soon!  =)

Happy March everyone!

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