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お早う、みんな! (Hello everyone),

Thought I’d take a moment to just keep everyone updated with what’s going on at GJ! and more:


Interest leads to studying hard - ie. 必勝 (ひっしょう) 勉強 (べんきょう)

That’s sort of the first thing you’ll notice beyond the new site layout; we have more blogs.   I feel like learning Japanese is an every day thing, and while there is a lot to be learned in terms of memorization; there are other things just as important – like knowing about culture, history, music, etc.

Those things are what make learning fun, because it ties your routine studying to something fun, where you can actually apply what you learned and strive to get better.

Different Perspective

Yet, if I were to blog just by myself, I think you’d only get to see one small view of the world, (even though the view is pretty awesome of course :)).  I could sit here and talk about anime, drama, music and games all day – but I know I’d be doing a disservice to other learners out there who want to learn about more serious topics – like economic trends, politics, sports, etc.  Hence, there needs to be more perspective, and that’s really the goal at the moment.   We have new bloggers on board who also love Japan as much as I do – and want to share with you the things they find interesting as well.

Have you heard of 大河ドラマ?

Please welcome this month’s new bloggers: Terry N. and Drew, who will be writing about ongoings in the community, as well as on cultural arts (including taiko, martial arts, music) and more.    Terry and Drew join our current staff, including Shinji – tutor/blogger in Japan, Naveen – a JLPT1 who follows history closely, and myself – the main developer for the website.

It’s Easy to Share with Us!

Hopefully you guys, the readers and visitors of this site – find topics that are interesting to you and follow along.  As you become more interested in the subject, I’m sure that interest will fuel you to develop your own learning – and in turn become better at the language itself.   If there are any topics you would like us to write more about, do share with us on our site.

Facebook Comments Available on GJ!

We have comments enabled – both through the website and through Facebook (so you won’t have to create a new login – you can just use your existing account – convenient right?).   If you don’t use Facebook, you can still use our regular login, or you can share our posts on other sites like Google+, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr and more.  We love hearing from you!

Development & Things to Come

At the moment, here are some things on the development board for GJ! as we start the new year in 2012.  In addition to blogging, and general website design, expect the site to become more organized and user friendly:

  • Online Lessons
  • Quizzes & Games
  • Membership Programs
  • Video Tutorials
  • Kanji & Vocabulary Flashcards

Stay tuned :)

Ganbare, ne!


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