More Resources

On this page, we have laid out some links to resources to check out in terms of helping you with your Japanese study. Check this page often as we will continue to update and really make this page one of the best resource pages for learning Japanese in the near future.


    Japanese to English, English to Japanese Dictionary
  • Star Dict Tool
    Useful for getting information about kanji right away. Also a powerful translation tool.
  • WWWJDIC Kanji Dictionary
    Look up a kanji by radicals
  • Kotobank
    Gives you definitions in Japanese – better tool for intermediate, advanced learners
  • Hatena Keyword
    Good alternate to Kotobank


  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
    The JLPT is the most widely recognized test for proficiency in the Japanese language by Japanese employers and colleges alike. Passing this test will definitely open doors for you. It’s also a great way to measure your own level of comprehension. Click the link for more info.

News Sites

  • Asahi Shinbun
    Good site for the latest ongoings in Japan. (Link goes to English site, Japanese available)
  • Mainichi Shinbun
    Another News site for Japan News (also available in Japanese)
  • Radio NHK
    Good News Site for English/Japanese (also has some basic lessons there)

Recommended Websites

  • Drama Wiki
    For all your Drama needs (Comprehensive Guide)
    Learn all about the newest J-Drama, or get up to speed with the classics on the Top 100 list (Vijay has seen 64/100 @_@)

Song Lyrics Sites

  • Anime Song Lyrics
    Good site that gives romaji and kanji lyrics for anime songs
  • Utamap
    Good for Jpop, jrock lyrics, requires Japanese input, site is all in Japanese
    Also a great lyrics site, but you can also find guitar tabs & music sheets for songs you want to play.

Teach English in Japan

  • The JET Program (US Only)
    Official site for US citizens who want to go to Japan for 1 year and help teach English in schools. This program is a lot of fun I hear and I’m even personally considering trying it out for the next year!